Joseph Holbrook paintings / other sources.
The offerings referred to on this page are not directly associated with Holbrook Art.   All negotiations, purchases and guarantees are between the seller and buyer.  
                                Joseph’s comment:
    “Painted in liquid acrylics on illustration board, I remember doing a number of pieces in this palette and style.  I enjoyed doing them very much.  Responses were always positive and they sold well.  Other artists bought them up too.
      Re-matting, plus very lightly staining and satin varnishing the frame would not be difficult at all for a new owner.  It’s what I’d probably do anyway.”
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Periodically we become aware of Joseph Holbrook paintings offered by dealers or individuals.  
We’re happy to provide a guide to some of the offerings.  
Offered by:  Ruby Lane (Jon Berg Fine Arts and More)
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Offered on Ebay by:  Listedpaintings Fine Art
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                  Joseph’s comment:
    “It’s not shown here, but the painting is nicely framed and the Ruby Lane web page also shows more painting detail.
    I enjoyed using a limited palette and like it’s overall feel and balance.  Much of my painting photo archives was lost, so I enjoy seeing this painting again.  Painted in ‘79. 35 years. . geeze.”
Offered on Ebay by: devoteeee
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                                Joseph’s comment:
    “Painted in acrylics on masonite. 12” x 16” :  I did a number of saddle paintings. A few of which show up on the Western Paintings sample page.  This is a pleasing little painting that is apparently not framed presently.  I’ve always liked it and recall painting it for a Death Valley show one year.  I don’t recall where it finally sold however.