“I’ve found a relatively short list of good friends to be my most valued asset.  How very blessed I am that my wife is on that list.” (JH) Of Palestinians and Israelis:  “I suggest that by their actions and "expressed goals", it is impossible for either of these entities to be defined as perfectly trustworthy or impartial.  Ultimately, the ongoing conflict has as much to do with irreconcilable religious differences as it has to do with land.  And because of that, all that can ever be Expected is the possibility of  "relative peace for now".   
      This type of peace is only achievable by resolute arbitrators and facilitators during any given time frame.  And in that respect we play and have played our role (with our own beliefs in tow).
      Arbitration of this sort will never result in the dissolution of warring factions and the ultimate resolution of differences.  Because      Religions are the very definition of Intransigence.  Beliefs by definition represent an unwillingness to change. 
      These two communities are Tribal Enemies and their continuous conflict represents the intricacies and shortfalls of humanity.  Right down to tribal interpretations of what God wants of them and to what degree they will fight and die to defend their "beliefs".  Both positive and negative Intransigence is perfectly expressed in this sort of Religious Idolatry.  If it was really only about land, competent arbitrators certainly could have resolved the differences many, many years ago.”  (JH) “ Design / is about foresight.  Evolution / is about adaptive change.  Evolution allows tremendous pliability over time.” (JH)  “I wonder if cannibals thanked god for their food.” (JH) 
"Only two things are certain: the Universe and human stupidity; and I'm not certain about the Universe"
                                                                                                                                                  (Albert Einstein)
"There's nothing quite so difficult as being a procrastinating perfectionist." (JH)  “As far as I can determine, I’m in a sect by myself” (JH) I say, better to be buried 
Than have passion 
Crushed or torn away. 
An Artist’s life isn’t worth much
Without Love and inspiration. (JH)
A favorite Einstein quote says:  "You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.  You must learn to see the world anew."  I find myself wishing we were wiser, more enlightened, by now.   I believe that the necessary information is out there to grasp and bring into play.   There just doesn’t seem to be the wisdom to do so.  (JH)
“Our great democracies still tend to think that a stupid man is more likely to be honest than a clever man.” ( Bertrand Russell )
Some favorite Bertrand Russel quotes
“The people who are regarded as moral luminaries are those who forego ordinary pleasures themselves and find compensation in interfering with the pleasures of others.” (Bertrand Russell)
“There doesn’t seem to be enough support out there for the fact that, The Good Win.”
(Jeannette Caress)
A friend uttered an interesting perspective today:
 “HOME” page
“Only a Mother is impressed and entertained by every effort.” (JH)
What we don't seem to have is access to that elusive "Wisdom Application".  If we don't locate the characters in this performance who have access to that App within the next few years, I fear the only thing we’ll have to smile about is our glorious past. (JH)
It seems many good things end too soon.  
And many bad things, not soon enough.
both sentiments hint at the perfect reason to let it all go.  (JH)
My response is always the same whenever I hear a singer performing vocal gymnastics while singing  The Star Spangled Banner.  I’m not talking about style here, but about individual bravado.  It’s my belief that they’ve missed the point using that song for such things.
The Star Spangled Banner
A billion days ago no-one walked the face of the earth on two feet.  Might that phenomenon reoccur a billion days from now?    (JH)
Capitalism is the unequal distribution of wealth while Socialism is the equal distribution of poverty. (Anonymous)
I believe that every human mind feels pleasure in doing good to another. (Thomas Jefferson)
Beliefs  are braced only by the choice to employ them.  They are opinions so personal and emotional that some will die for them.  Some will choose to Kill for them.  It seems only reasonable to be Very careful about what we believe and equally cautious about what those people around us are clinging to. (JH )
“I don't mind at all being corrected on the mistakes I make.   But hearing about the ones you expect of me seems downright diabolical.” (JH )
Meditation is not only an invaluable tool, it's a natural ability.  Not utilizing meditation is rather like being able to walk, but choosing not to because it's easier just to sit and do nothing.  Ironically, Meditation involves just sitting and doing nothing.  It’s a shame when people avoid something only because others have attached their religion to it.” (JH)
Today, I asked a successfully retired friend of mine what he was up to.  He said he was thinking about making a list of things to do.  A perfect phrase, because what I knew he was really saying was:  I’m doing absolutely Nothing, and with great purpose.  (JH)  No enlightened person is concerned about how they're thought of by people in a lessor condition. (JH) 
I wonder:  If one worshiped the Sun as God, would atheists claim that it doesn't exist? (JH)
"One's 'Search for God' ceases 
when the phrase is recognized as an oxymoron." (JH)  "It seems that genuine camaraderie will share any tenet." (JH) "Only the person behind the act knows whether its purpose was born of generosity or duplicity.  And sometimes even they’re surprised." (JH)  “I quit drinking beer about a decade ago and I miss it .   Beer is sort of like a well trained mongrel dog.   It's inexpensive, but does just what you ask of it.  You tend to miss that kind of a dog.” (JH) "Being Manic Depressive might be Sad. . . . . but you’d be Glad to know about it !!.” (JH) "I see more in a rock than 
most see at a movie." (JH)
There is not a sprig of grass that shoots uninteresting to me. (Thomas Jefferson)
Power is not alluring to pure minds. (Thomas Jefferson)
Gardening: “ It seems I have best results when I attend to succulents and the like.  They're robust and forgiving if I don't water at the appropriate times.  I just don't do as well with delicate plants and flowers that shrivel without protection and attention.  Some would say that might be said about the people in my life as well.“ (JH)  “The entire Truth can be said to contain All paths of human understanding that are possible.   To presume that accessing The Truth lies on One particular path and in a single collection of signs is such a narrow definition, that it must be termed short sighted at the very least.” (JH)  Illegal Immigration:  “Observing that ethnicity is generally a factor in illegal migration is like observing that height is generally a factor in basketball.  To imbue that factor with imagined persecutions and bigotry is not only inaccurate, it’s immature.  Illegal Immigration is as wrong as stealing.  Race makes no difference at all.”  (JH) Family Values:  I don't even recall hearing the term before we “lost” them.  Now Politicians 
promise their return.   Politicians were so instrumental in the loss to begin with, responsibility for any retrieval is highly doubtful.  Nurturing and wholesome pursuits are rare if not absent among so many politicians.” (JH)  Unfortunately, the welfare of our Republic  no longer lies with wise people who know how to wield the wisdom of history and clear a path for tomorrow.  Instead it lies with jugglers who only play at the roles.  I suppose to be kind, that’s all they're capable of.   (JH)  "You have Too much time on your hands!" translates into accusers seeing little or no value in another’s personal pursuits.  Personally, I take it as a compliment because more often than not I'm pursuing things invisible to that sort of accuser anyway.” (JH)  “There is nothing but God.  That realization is unlike any other.  Eyes open to an ongoing revelation of who and what we are.  Each one of us, all of us, an aspect.  An emergent property of ALL that is and can be.  Quite simple really.  God is ALL, or the same as.  The evidence and elegance is so staggering and so completely all inclusive as to preclude any requirement of "Belief".   And it simply couldn’t be more personal. (JH)
“There is something incredibly compelling about watching a good man wrestle with his soul.”  (anonymous)
Of Palestinians and Israelis (from an email)
Clinging to a belief is not Faith.  Faith is being completely open to WHATEVER THE TRUTH IS.” (Alan Watts)
“Many Social Movements are spurred by some Credible Concern whose time has come.   Yet impetus of the Movement can be commandeered by people who have somehow missed the point.  So often . . .THOSE are the people that the MEDIA present to us.  We need to be cautious.  Always look to uncover the original reasons and original thoughts.”  (JH)  A disappointment for all thinking people is that:  Though the past can be known and the present can be seen, it doesn't seem to prevent repetition of errors.   Thinking People “believe” we're better than that; however, that may only outline the limits of Belief.  The fact is, we must all BE better than that. . . concurrently.   Which obviously is not quite so easy. 
                                            "All we have to do is agree on The Truth"   
                 And that line perfectly outlines just how far away we are from concurrency. (JH) 
A stupid man's report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.”   Bertrand Russell
A high Intelligence Quotient is not necessarily synonymous with Smart.  It doesn’t account for capacities of humility, sympathy, empathy and compassion, just to name a few.  A person with a high IQ might have some missing parts, so be cautious about what you expect from them (JH)      What if Humankind Fruition. . ..:    might include an infective mental paradigm that promotes enlightenment, harmony and understanding.     It would manifest on a Planetary Scale and be called a "universal epiphany.”   It would mark a potential for what would be termed,  THE evolutionary jump.   It would be a step toward, or akin to, a shared consciousness and a common certainty.   It should be interpreted as inspired by Truth.   The Truth being a result, an effect of  All  BEing Right Now
        It would unify human interactions and goals.   The term "agreement" would rarely be required.  Instead, “Innate Concurrence” would become the suitable term.     
        Personal and civil direction from that point forward would be so different as to be incommunicable  in todays parlance.   Incomprehensible now,  for all it will mean  then.   Civilization would become a different sort of human association where new processes and cooperation  would manifest in new results and different dimensions to explore.     I do think I can see it as a Potential.    I don’t know at all about a Probable, not from what I see right now at any rate. (JH ) “I’m not always looking for answers.   Some of the time I'm just looking around for a better idea of what I should be looking for.”  (JH)
Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes” . (William Gibson)
Expectations of the self-centered  
                        (Commentary ) Absolutely All that is Possible, is Natural.  
And. . .We are All Quite Uninformed 
about ALL that is possible.
There are interpretations and attributions
about mysterious possibilities. even about the Suspension of Natural Laws, but
Absolutely ALL that is Possible is Natural. So,
if 'Miracles' occur, they are Natural.
Whether we can explain them or not.  (JH) On “Antiques Road-show”, the beauty, history and creativity of an item is talked about first, before monetary value is even mentioned.  It’s an attempt to enjoy the art of it all before “profit” takes the stage.  Indications of profitability is when the joy and tears start flowing.  Which may be interesting, but hardly desirable.(JH)    Back to: “PERSONAL JOURNAL”  (14) LEGAL:  ALL  JOSEPH HOLBROOK  images and commentary within this web site are Legally protected.  Written permission is required for ANY use.
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