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 ☯ ☯ ☯ ☯ Quantum: 80 years ago, Einstein's name for it was "Spooky action at a distance."  The Math has been around that long.  It was Schrödinger that actually gave it the name, Quantum Entanglement.   We have proof of it these days.  It’s a favorite phenomena of mine.
	Experiments have been repeated many times:   After two particles — photons, for example — interact, they sometimes become "entangled."  A pair of entangled particles once measured, can somehow Instantly communicate with each other, even over vast distances.  Their states are dependent on each other.  
	Experiments in April of last year determined that Instantaneous Interaction means an approximate speed of 10,000 times the speed of light, which is not supposed to be possible.  We don't know how and I don’t know why, but I'm hoping it’s something inter-dimensional.  I’d just like proof of another dimension I guess. What a great time to live. (JH) Messianic religions believe the world is so hopelessly flawed beyond normal human powers of correction that divine intervention in the form of a messiah is necessary.  Judaism, Christianity and Islam are three that adhere to this concept.  Different messiahs.           
The point is, a larger number than you imagine are seriously looking forward to bringing this about.  And so, with a smile on their face, they will die and kill in service to ‘their’ god.  Being paid with peace in an imagined afterlife.  And if you don't think these attitudes are a powerful force in the unfolding idiocy taking place right now, take a close look at why all the parties involved have been enemies for centuries.  It’s all disgustingly primitive.  As a global civilization, I thought we’d be wiser by now. (JH) SHROUD OF TURIN
What I enjoy about the ongoing mystery (of the shroud) is not whether any scientific findings would, or should, make a difference in anyone's spiritual life.  In my opinion, those whose "faith" is dependent on the Shroud being radiant remains of Jesus' resurrection have rather missed the point.  
        Not only is such a thing unprovable, but it goes directly against the commandment dealing with graven images.  ( given that the word "graven" can be defined as the past participle of "grave",  it's a perfect fit.)
            My interest in the shroud is more along the lines of an interest in Big-foot.  My interest lies in what sort of information is acceptable toward a conclusion.  Though conclusions about such things always seem temporary. (JH) (SILLY) Judgement Day made simple:  A long time ago, a man realized how he should behave, how far away he was from doing so, and that he would never change. . not that much anyway.  So, he decided to relinquish his fate to the mercy of whatever god put him in this untenable position, and head on down to the pub. 
       He had always held to a common-sense interpretation of the term “Fairness”, and prayed it would hold sway on judgement day. . .should such a day actually ever come about.  Of course no-one can Ever be certain about these kinds of things; so, he ordered a beer and decided to think about something else (JH)   People generally stand in their own way much more effectively than can others. (JH) The way to silence religious disputes is to take no notice of them. (Thomas Jefferson)
        There was a prevailing Passover custom in Jerusalem that allowed or required Pilate, the governor of Judaea, to commute one prisoner's death sentence by popular acclaim.  Rather like our president commuting the turkey's fate at Thanksgiving I suppose.
        The choice was between Jesus of Nazareth, whose history you're aware of; and Barabbus, a notorious prisoner guilty of rebellion, insurrection and thievery. The popular choice was Barabbus.  Somehow the choice doesn't seem to surprise us, but  it's possible that the story is  apocryphal.    
                        BARABBAS:  (And this is what's kind of interesting)
        Barabbas' name appears as bar-Abbas in the Greek texts. It is derived ultimately from the Aramaic בר-אבא, Bar-abbâ, "son of the father". According to early Greek texts, Barabbas' full name was Jesus Barabbas.[14] Later texts shorten his name to just Barabbas.
☯ IF YOU PURSUE Enlightenment  under the auspices of a particular religion or philosophy, and you FIND what you were seeking (you think). . . then you tend to give all credit to the Religion or Philosophy you chose to use.   
    If by definition, it excludes all others, then there’s a temptation to claim that the course you’ve taken is the only possible means to get there.   It's tempting, but It's erroneous to be so specific.   
    Even though your path may have lead YOU to the Best outcome for YOU,  THAT  HAS NEVER MEANT that it was the only avenue possible for others.         
        Religious specifics in particular tend to make the people that are involved feel, "Exclusive".  They claim they are "right" and that others are wrong.  Tribes, Teams, Clubs and exclusive societies bare an obvious resemblance.  One can't enter the membership without a secret password or handshake, or  without a sworn belief in the tenets.  And usually a mantra that speaks of "the only way" (JH) The difficulty in placing all ones Belief in a book of Spiritual interpretations, is that those interpretations may be re-evaluated, altered or disproved at some point in the future.  A house of cards is a mild analogy.   When science displays (potential) proof that a belief’s interpretation is wrong, believers become agitated to say the least.  Then angry and even riotous.  They call it  Blasphemy. 
         "If those who ‘believe’ have a chance to see concrete information about their belief and have a better understanding of it, why wouldn't they be curious?"
        They wouldn't be curious because they actually would rather believe in an interpretation they've vowed to accept, rather than what evidence can be presented.  They have agreed to accept the religious text as text "from God"; and so, have no reason to consider anything else.  (THAT’S worshiping a Text.  A contrary practice to say the least) ☯   reworked from   GOD STRAIGHT UP - HOLD THE RELIGION  Commentary   In this United States of America;  Democracy,  Justice,  Domestic Tranquility and the Blessings of Personal Liberty  perfectly profile our expressed Pursuits and  Convictions.  They are the Promises of our Homeland.  We revere their importance and desire their Perfect Expression.  We Believe in them.  
    Conscious individuals require those conditions to thrive and grow.    Pursuits and convictions, so easy to say, so difficult to maintain (JH)   ( REWORK entire commentary)  (Response to the “Women with Sticks” dark umber photo that ultimately lead to discovering the Hindu Festival of Colors.       
                                                                    Click for web page) To preach that the Earth is less than 10 thousand years old is not expressing a ‘Belief.’ 
It’s just deciding to be ignorant out-loud  (JH)
Every failure of humanity is a failure of imagination (Steven Fry)    (important)  
Artists are always  En-route and never completely satisfied (JH)     (apologist )   ☯
Creationism:  For me, ALL is god.  The Universe is the expression;  so, to lean toward any belief that "A” god created everything is a rather senseless proposition, at least for me it is. (JH) I've purposely avoided using all of the "belief" words for the last 7 years or so.  I’m speaking of the word “Belief” as it applies to non-evidential notions.  I must admit . . it's difficult sometimes, but I’ve found that “Beliefs” rarely represent effective answers to the most meaningful questions  JH) ☯
The recent Supreme Court decision that "certain closely held for-profit Corporations" cannot be required to pay for specific types of contraceptives for their employees because of the Corporations’ "religious objections" is just one more example of "Corporate Person-hood".   The decision is simply too blatant to be called anything but a Five to Four vote down political lines.  I’m confident that the founding fathers, no matter how Christian they were personally, would be gravely disappointed,. (JH)
                                                                         I don’tcareforPoliticsanymorebut
Deluge of Migrants:  I have to make at least one comment regarding the fiasco at our borders.  Our CONSTITUTION  is written to prevent what's going on.   This is just refusal to enact our constitution and politics accented with emotions...as usual:   This GOVERNMENT INACTION is to force even More Liberal Migrant invasions and reform.   First tacitly, then legally.   The objective is to let it all go just as wrong as can be allowed, so that liberal solutions are more easily accepted. . ..   Even if they’re so liberal as to break us Constitutionally. ( We’re already financially screwed  W.A.S.F.U.  ( Seeh, acronm)
I've read the Koran and Islam is not a religion of peace.  The real dangers of 'Islamic fundamentalism' is directly due to. . . the fundamentals of Islam.   Radical Muslims are not comparable to any 'radicals' found amongst present day Christians, Mormons etc.   Osama Bin Laden wasn't a David Koresh or a Jim Jones.   Because what Bin Laden  believed and preached is a reasonable interpretation of the Koran.  And even though peaceful Muslims may be a majority, they are irrelevant  in the light of  ‘radical fundamental Islamist interpretations’. (JH)    
Sharia:  A few months back I had a conversation with a High School teacher who was obviously proud of her open-mindedness of Islam.  All the Muslims she knew were good people, dedicated and proud.  At the end of her prattling, I asked if she would do me a favor:  Please ask some of the Muslim parents if they think we and our government would benefit from functioning under Sharia (law).  And if they answer yes, then please ask them, for me. . . What the Hell are you doing here? (JH)
☯ An Islamic Reformation is so far overdue that the stench arising from primitive beginnings is overtaking modernity.   Today's moderate Muslims are apparently afraid that filtering Islamic holy books, in order to root out barbarism, will reflect too harshly on the very religion from which they glean their morals and, supposedly, adhere to god's will.  (I will admit seeing the difficulty, if one believes that all of the the words in the books came directly from the creator's mouth. . . so to speak)
	It becomes a catch 22, with the entire world at the behest of a 1300 year old illiterate warrior who declared, through the word of god, that it's either his way or death.  The mantra lives on today through 20% or so of Islamic followers and it's like a bad fucking dream that you can't awake from.    Because they won't let you.  
	Personally, I'd say the majority of Muslims either need to grow some balls and SEPARATE NOW; or, admit that they will never, ever physically stand against their Koranic brethren.  And if they can't or won't choose the correct moral position of Actively Battling Muhammadic Barbarism, they should stand and say so.  We'd at least have a better perspective of just how large  the legions are. (JH) IF YOUR RELIGION REQUIRES YOU TO KILL OTHER PEOPLE, BECAUSE THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD THE SAME WAY YOU DO.. .THEN YOUR RELIGION IS WRONG.  AND ONLY YOU ARE TO BLAME .  AND ONLY YOU CAN DETERMINE WHY THIS IS TRUE. And only you can do something about it.     ☯  rework

(time)1:18    Bonobo Chimps are our closest relative (98.7%) This short video, about sharing food, gives insight into what we might call (if they were human):  Consideration, Caring. . . Empathy . . how about the Golden Rule.  These 2 Bonobos are not related to each other !
    There are many other such behaviors in the animal kingdom and ongoing experimental results are providing perspectives about the evolution of more than just the physical.  There are social necessities that can easily be seen as approaching 'a moral sense'.  They help promote successful and happy communities.  
    The evolution of socially selected traits make sense.  Just as does banishing or elimination of those that refuse to 'get it', or don't have the potential for it, at all.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hq68LvuTvVQshapeimage_23_link_0
I don’t mind Politics nearly as much as I do the people involved.  (JH) My reverence is for and my trust is in The Truth.  Without reason or need to seek or create a religion from it. . or for it. (JH) ☯                                                      Faith. . .in order to be logical ?
MANY DOCTRINAL BOOKS and stories are attributed to God.  MANY believers have rallied, and continue to rally in groups that distill different interpretations of all the passions, commandments and horrors outlined in the different doctrines.   
      Without evidence of authorship, PERSONAL DIVINE GUIDANCE is an absolute requirement for every follower of every religious tribe.  COMPLETE FAITH in such guidance is required so that they can assume, and prescribe to others, God’s truth. . as they have come to believe it.  Otherwise, of course, they would only have imagination and sanctimony to show for all of their devotion and effort. And out of everything. . .that’s the part they find unreasonable.(JH)            (email received) I think you are right on with ISIS and radical Islam.  It is too bad that we don’t hear about the positives that come from faith and religion in the news.  I hope you are well.
    The positives that "come from faith and religion" are interpretations by the faithful as manifestations and gifts that spring from the specific Religion they follow; more accurately, they are results "because" they follow.  This is true of Christians and Jews, as well as Muslims, Buddhists and every religion that has ever had a following.  After all, there would be no reason to be a follower, to have faith in any religion, if positive feedback wasn't perceived as a reward for believing in it. (JH)
         time: 4:34          http://www.youtube.com/embed/ysa5OBhXz-Q
The 'Natural Balance' message of this video is very pleasing.  It has to make you wonder how we might apply the principle to other important venues we've altered out of ignorance.http://www.youtube.com/embed/ysa5OBhXz-Qshapeimage_29_link_0
Intelligence may be innate, but true understanding is retrospective. (JH)
I may not be able to change the universe,
but I do enjoy altering how I perceive it....and I do that as often as possible.
                                         NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY.
I’ve never cared for that phrase. If an insane person commits a crime, it should be found and stated as such. No matter what the final disposition, it should be concluded that he is: Guilty by Reason of Insanity.(JH)    Spiritual Entanglement: Connective Echos of Personal Caring (JH)) I emailed an article about “Paranoia” to a friend the other day. I asked him if he’d read it and he said...”I’m afraid to.”   Made me laugh. ((JH) /Shafer) Fundamental Creationists  prove without a doubt that they would have excelled in the Science classes of 3000 BC.  But alas, there was no such a thing as Science back then.  NO SCIENCE. . . AT ALL.  Imagine that.  You can’t (JH)
CREATIONISM:   I’m not one who has concluded that order is ordained by obedience. JH)
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