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Thoughts pared to a few sentences or so.   Additions, subtractions, wording and structure always in flux.   
It’s just fun to do.   Some end up as fodder for commentary.   
Not too much about politics anymore.   I don’t mind politics, just not the people involved.
 It always feels as though I'm looking for a Reset Button:  Please Return to Factory Defaults.
gathering marbles and 
(#14 e)
 All Joseph Holbrook Images and Commentary within this web site are Legally Protected.  Written Permission is required for ANY use.  COMMENTARIES LINK  WORKING NOTES LINK Joseph  Holbrook / Journals   2014   “HOME” LINK to part of a previous journal If you were David facing the giant Goliath, with only a sling shot, where would You aim? (JH) It seems contradictory that people believe such things as tattooing and piercing give them genuine individuality, when the very reason they do it is because everyone else is doing it. (JH) The ability to adapt allows us to contend with extremes,
but also allows us to take far too much for granted along the way. (JH) Mankind’s future DEPENDS ON HIS INTELLIGENCE AND IMAGINATION, BUT WORTHWHILE RESULTS ALWAYS RELY ON COMMON SENSE AND COMPASSION.  SO, THAT’S THE PRAYER. (JH) I’ve learned to be comfortable with evolving conclusions (JH)
If god is beyond comprehension, then all definitions are erroneous (JH)
Every day we hear "Political Correctness" substituted for "Facts".  It's impossible to derive answers to problems if the facts are redesigned and relayed to gratify some goal other than accuracy.  We're not talking about being polite here.  The truth is becoming unrecognizable. 
    When communications are at the behest of emotions, hidden agendas and lies, then we're only looking for answers that placate immaturity.  Pampering doesn’t promote progress, plus, it’s nauseating (JH) If it took this long to get from Barbaric to now. . . why does the trip back look so short? (JH) Other than what mankind misinterprets, misunderstands, lies about and contrives, 
there is absolutely nothing. . . in the entire universe. . .that is False. (JH)
Justification:  where all the lies and bodies are buried. (paraphrase Anon)
A Belief  may provide a mental structure on which to build and live a wonderful life.  It doesn't mean that its tenets and claims are true.  It only means that believing that they are can generate commitment and contentment for as long as the belief and believer are in tow. (JH)  If you’re not wise enough to appreciate where you are and where you’ve been, you probably won’t appreciate where you’re going.  And, going is inevitable. JH) The most intelligent species on earth seems destined to live in fear of the most savage species,   and of course, they’re both Us (JH) No elite power structure willingly lives within Reservation Rules, 
just to satisfy the ravings of an outraged tribe (ANONYMOUS) Some Religious Beliefs are often fervent convictions held by those worshiping trees, but misinterpreting the forest. (JH) What If Extra Terrestrials finally do arrive and threaten to destroy all of us, because our Space-Cartoons insult their Religion.  I think we would all wonder how any interpretation of ‘Religion’ could possibly be so absurd. At least the sane among us would wonder.(JH) email excerpt:  Evidence never frightens me, because I don't adhere to any specific ‘beliefs’ about the things we've been addressing.  I haven't for many years. ( it may be difficult to imagine )   
        I learn and have experiences, realizations, revelations, epiphanies, opinions and perspectives.  They congeal into positions and attitudes that. . . can change over time.  Even small modifications might precipitate large changes.   
        There is absolutely No evidence that could ever be revealed that would crush me, because I don’t cling to crushable Beliefs.  My interest and faith lies only in being open to the Truth.  Whatever it is (JH) Doctrine and dogma can function as stepping stones, but when held too tightly for too long, 
their weight often belies their value. (JH)  there is no ‘supernatural’.  All Is Natural, which includes the unexplained and unexplainable. (JH) Under the auspices of National Security, our government appropriated a patented computer program.   Rumored to be a supplement to Spell Check, it reviews what’s you’ve written and accurately corrects your train of thought (JH)  Artists are always en-route. . and never completely satisfied.(JH) technology /a curse or blessing
	Even if there is such a thing as a ‘curse’, it certainly wouldn’t lie in understanding the physics by which to launch a projectile.  It most likely would reside within the desire to eliminate the likes of John Kennedy or Hiroshima with it.(JH)                                               http://www.youtube.com/embed/ysa50BhXz-Q
The 'Natural Balance' message of this video is pleasing and informative.  It makes me wonder how the principle would apply in other venues  . . and past errors.    Intelligence may be innate, but wisdom provides perspective through retrospection. (JH) It would seem a waste of time to finally ‘Find Yourself’,
only to recognize that you were always You, but it isn’t. 
 Process is often more important than result.(JH)
IF marriage comes down to who is doing a favor for whom, life’s just a scoreboard
 and scoreboards only work in games,  and war. (JH)
When you’re young, the Energy moves you,  older aged seems to be more the other way around. (JH) BLEEDING  HEART LIBERALS  believe wild lions should be vegetarians
and all that would be required is a fully funded government program. . . of some sort.(JH) You don’t want to die and find yourself at the end of somebody else’s life. (JH) on suicide:  Life is too cathartic to finish too soon. (JH) Minister’s Lament: 
“While it’s believed that God’s attention is perked by intelligent inquiry,
all the answers are apparently subject to personal interpretation” (JH) I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, 
as cause for withdrawing from a friend. (Thomas Jefferson) We continue to search for a complete definition of the Universe. 
And though I’m enthralled with each discovery,
 my spirit seems to prefer total  freedom from such trivia. (JH) I’m familiar with the perspectives of ‘god’ in most Religions.  Mine is neither so anthropomorphic nor distinct.  First:  ‘IT’ is inherently, unavoidably personal and thoroughly impossible to retreat from, 
whether one realizes it or not. (JH) Our existence is a celebration of the Possible (JH) It’s impossible to waste time if there isn't anything Important to do; so,
I keep important things to a minimum (JH) Quite simply, we are aspects of All that is, was and will be.  The evidence and elegance of this is so staggering and all inclusive as to preclude any requirement for contrived beliefs or suspicions. (JH) Faith should not mean sacrificing critical thinking to the whims of ancient suspicions (JH) A Mona Lisa can’t be found in buckets of paint and rolls of canvas, because the truth of beauty lies in more than just a collection of facts.  As does truth about everything.(JH) Always try to avoid jumping off the cliff, no matter how eloquent the instructions. (JH)  LINK back to 2015 Journal   LINK BACK: 2015 JOURNAL